Call & Response II



Dance competitions, especially in the realm of battle dance, such as breakdance, offer a unique experience. Breakdance emerged in the early 1970s among underprivileged youth on the streets of New York and has evolved into a globally popular subculture within the hip-hop community. However, despite its popularity and significant sponsors, it remains a niche movement with limited financial support.

A battle is like a heated dialogue between dancers, communicating through their body language. It's a back and forth. One person "calls," and the other "responds." I've been observing how each participant reacts to their opponent's calls. The reactions can be as fascinating as the dancers in the cypher.

That's the focus of my project. Whether the calls are humorous, aggressive, sarcastic, loud, or soft, you can see in the faces of the individuals what's happening in the cypher. All emotions are visible.